Men's Hair Service

We provide quality service for all your hair care needs.

Haircut for Men

Men Age 20+ years - From $50
Relax with our mint aromatherapy scalp massage and shampoo, followed by a warm aromatherapy facial towel, light conditioning treatment, warm water rinse, styling and single blade razor neck shave.


Haircut with Face and Neck Shave

Haircut with Face and Neck Shave - $70

Teens and Boys Haircuts

Teens Age 13-19 years - From $40
(Incl. sham, cond., & bd)

Boys 12 & under - From $30
(Incl. sham & styling)

Moustache and Beard

Hot towel Shave - $40
Beard & Goatee Trims  - $25

Deep Conditioning Treatment

All Ages - From $40
It includes shampoo/20 min. scalp massage with our hair therapy treatment/style.

Color Treatments (Grey Blending and Hilighting)

Semi-Permanent - From $40
Permanent - From $50
Partial Hilight - From $45
Full Hilight - From $50